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Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Toy Haulers … Etc.

Professional Detailing Services

Custom Details available per your Specific Needs. Can detail a Car, Truck, SUV, Motorhome, Toy Hauler, or Boat. Detail options as few or many as preferred. At anytime in almost any place. Over Night Drop-Off is also available! We can deliver upon completion if preferred. Very Flexible and will work with or around your schedule to make the process most easy and convenient for you as possible.

Interior Detailing Services

– Vacuum inside and trunk area
– Carpet Cleaning with Hot pressurized water and Extraction also includes the floor mats
– Clean and Disinfect all surfaces inside the vehicle
– Clean Seats as well as condition
– Headliner Refreshment with PH balanced cleaners
– Brush and wipe with microfiber clothes to clean all instruments
– Streak-less glass cleaner to insure only the cleanest of windows

Exterior Detailing Services

– Inspect for bug debris and or other sticky substances and treat accordingly
– Pre-Rinse with Soft Water for water spot free wash
– Soak with a Foam Cannon until entire car is very thoroughly foamed
– Rinsed Again and Dried to perfection using only the softest Microfiber Towels and or Air
– Clay Bar treatment available
– Wheel and Rim Clean and Shine
– Plastic Revival and Dressing
– Machine Waxing/Polishing
– Paint Correction (swirl, scuffs, and other minor scratches)

Ceramic Coating Demo

Ceramic Coating

– Examine vehicle Condition
– Vehicle is prepped with a thorough wash, clay bar treatment and decontaminant removal
– Paint correction and polish will be performed to insure the best bonding by removing any imperfections
– Select a which Ceramic is right for you with 1 year 3 year and 5+ year products available with maintenance plans to keep your coat looking fresh

Technical Detailing Services

– Headlight Restoration and Sealant
– Engine Bay Cleaning
– Plastic Revival and Dressing
– Machine Waxing/Polishing
– Paint Correction (swirl, scuffs, and other minor scratches)

Professional Detail Packages


  • Soft Water Rinsing
  • SnowFoam Wash
  • Detailed Vacuum
  • Streak-less Window Cleaning
  • Interior Wipe Down


  • Soft Water Rinsing
  • SnowFoam Wash
  • Detailed Vacuum
  • Wheel and Tire Detail
  • Streak-less Window Cleaning
  • Interior Wipe Down
  • Interior Dressing and Rejuvenation
  • Mat Shampoo and Scrub


  • Soft Water Rinsing
  • Exterior Specialty Hand Wash
  • Detailed Vacuum
  • Wheel and Tire Detail
  • Streak-less Window Cleaning
  • Door Jam Cleanse
  • Full Interior Clean with Dressing
  • Mat Shampoo and Scrub
  • Carpet Resurrection with Enzyme Spot & Stain Pre-Treatment
  • Seat Revival and Conditioning
  • Odor Reduction/Elimination

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What Our Customers Say

Robin R. - 2002 Chevrolet Trailblazer

“I have a 2002 Trailblazer that needed some TLC. Wittmann Detailing cleaned it from inside out. The Blazer is probably cleaner now then when I bought it used. Smells great too! Thanks Tim for doing such an excellent job. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a complete detail to a wash and wax. Tim was very thorough and thoughtful. Excellent job!!”

Robin R., Glendale, AZ

Ryan L Can-Am Review

“Tim dropped by to give my Can-Am a much needed bath. He gets a 10/10 from me and top notch ATD! Definitely using him again.”

Ryan L., Glendale, AZ

2011 Ford Escape Center Console

“Tim Wittmann is my son-in-law and he detailed my 2011 Ford Escape as a Christmas present. My vehicle originally started out as a Fleet car which we  purchased around 2015-2016. Although it has been maintained fairly well, it has equally had its share of man handling and cargo carrying. Tim did such a fantastic job! It appears as though he has taken back years of wear and tear that made my vehicle not only visually, look clean, it equally feels clean. The leather feels slick. I had a horrific stain on my sunroof due to a car shampoo situation and I feared, was there permanently. But he has proven me wrong. Even with that delicate material, Tim has managed to do a beautiful job. He has equally done a super job on the carpets!”

Sincerely,  Jackie Holland

Jackie H., Glendale, AZ
Deborah W. - 2020 Kia Soul

“Wow!! Words cannot express the passion Tim has for people and taking care of their car. He took my 4 kid, dirty, water stained, food floor, trash everywhere Soul and made her brand new… better than when I bought her used. It smelled so goooodddd!!! He even picked up my car and delivered her with care and at the time he said he would. Very fairly priced, and goes above and beyond. THANK YOU TIM!!!”

Deborah W., Glendale, AZ

Nolan H. Review

“2nd time having my car here. Mint work 😎”

Nolan H., Glendale, AZ
Sarah H. - 2011 Ford Escape Rims

“2011 Ford Escape – my car was very “lived in” to say the least, hauling around three kids ages 2-10. Up until now I never had the time to give the car a nice deep clean outside of the rushed wipe down, grab your things and go, that comes with driving around a handful of kids and it started to look/feel a little run down from all the spills and sticky fingers. I forgot how good she looked until Tim put the time and effort into making her pretty again! Thanks again, it was just what my car, and this tired mama needed.”

Sarah W., Phoenix, AZ